Taika is a huge glowing pyramid of magic that teleports.

Stats & TraitsEdit


  • Height: 175 meters
  • Weight: 20,000 tons

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Hypnotizim: Seeing how Taika seeks to control all it sees. It can instill a strong hypnotizim. Even capable of hypnotizing Arata and Koji for a short time.
  • Flight: Taika can fly through the air and across space.
  • Teleport: Taika can teleport to wherever he pleases.
  • Trap: By flying up over an opponent and comming down onto them Taika can trap them inside itself. The oponent can get out with enough physical attacks to the inside walls of Taika.
  • Energy Beams: Taika can fire off various beams of magical energy, these beams can cause massive explosions.



It reached Earth travelling on a passing asteroid. It took refuge in a small river. It uses its hypnosis to enslave all that it sees. The SDF arrive and try to use a new super missile called the THF33 against Taika, but are horrified as Taika teleports way and the missile hits the ground and kills everything with 120 meters. Horrified by their wrong doings the SDF retreat. Taika appears hours later in a city. Arata arrives on the scene and does all in his power to fight Taika's mind control but in hypnotized. Koji arrives on the scene and is sadened to see that it had hypnotized most of the villages and even hypnotized Arata. From what Koji got that human had the strongest mind in the world.

Koji attacks Taika but is quickly knocked back onto shore by a few of his beams. Taika them attempts to hypnotize Koji. But finds it impossible, Koji's mind was too strong to be kept hypnotized by Taika. Koji fights Taika and emerges victorious. Taika transforms into golden energy and disappears into the air after a single shot from Koji's atomic heat ray.