Milahr concept by Lain of the Wired on Toho Kingdom Forums.

The huge dinosaur that has a sonic scream. It came from the core of the Earth where it fought against Bijou for over a thousand years. It despises humanity and wishes to rid the planet of all humans in order to make a perfect world full of Kaiju run by himself. Milahr also seeks to kill Koji and Bijou.


Milahr has a powerful sonic scream, it is powerful enough to send opponents flying, he has super strength that allows him to lift over 755,000 tons and has even become so angry at one point he destroyed a mountain by punching it, can fire a yellow beam from his mouth, and a bolt of lightening from his horn. Milahr's hide is thick and strong enough to shake off all military weapons and attacks, physical attack from weaker beings, and some beam attacks. Milahr's fighting style is similar to Showa King Ghidorah's his attacks are unpredictable and he often chooses to spam one or two of his attacks while flailing his head around. He considers himself Koji's greatest enemy and thinks he's the most powerful Kaiju in the world.


Milahr is surprisingly stupid. Most of the time sitting in battle roaring and flailing his head around.

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