A fan concept of Liquido made by Lain of the Wired on Toho Kingdom Forums.

Liquido is a blue ball of liquid that eats metal.


A mad scientist creates Liquido. He sends Liquido into Tokyo and Liquido goes on a rampage, eating all the metal from buildings, cars, and even millitary weapons. Suddenly Koji arrives on the scene and confronts Liquido. Liquido and Koji engage, unable to find any weaknesses or a way to kill Liquido Koji is tossed around like a rag doll. Liquido even rolls over Koji!! It isn't until Liquido crashes into powerlines is when Koji realizes Liquido's weakness. Liquido is highly sensitive to electricity. Koji and Liquido then engage and Koji defeats him by kicking him into some nearby powerlines.

Meanwhile the mad scientist is cornered at a river by the police, he jumps in and swims away.


Liquido eats Metal, by consuming metal Liquido increases in power and grows bigger in size. He can roll over his opponents to harm them or control water to attack them or stop fire based attacks. These are his only super powers.


Liquido is highly sensitive to electricity.

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