Korean Godzilla.

Korean Godzilla is a kaiju that User:Mothra12 made.


Once the American version of Godzilla was released, Korean citizens thought, "Hey, we should make a Godzilla!", and they did. This Godzilla is an irradiated crocodile-like reptile that defends the Earth. He was once battling Biollante (who had to retreat) and the real Godzilla was watching! Korean Godzilla seemed to have a better battling style, and was an Earth Defender. After the battle, the original Godzilla asked this Godzilla to become allies with him. He took Godzilla's offer, and now there are more kaiju to save the world!


Atomic ray from mouth, Nuclear pulse from horn on head, durability, strong jaws lined with one row of teeth with NO fangs, supersonic healing, and can breathe in air, water, and outer space. Korean Godzilla is much stronger than even Gorosaurus, who is either as strong or stronger than Godzilla(Japanese version).


Korea's version of Godzilla has a flat nose with two wide (but still flat) nostrils, yellow horns on his head and down his back in one row, four fingers, five toes, odd wrinkle patterns on his stomache area, and green irises on his eyes. He is 101 meters tall including his horn.

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