Knuckles (live action)

Knuckles is the toughest echidna around and is one of the closet friends of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Godzilla vs. SonicEdit

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  • Super Knuckles:
    Super Knuckles by Kryptid

    Super Knuckles

    When Knuckles gets all the Choas Emeralds, much like his allies Sonic and Shadow he can go into a super form. Unlike any traditional super form isntead of yellow, Knuckles fur color changes to pink and his eyes becomes red. At times Knuckles hair has been shown to point up in his super form or just remain in the same downward pointed state. In his super form Knuckles appears to be much faster than Sonic and it increases his physical strength. While normal Knuckles is extremely hot headed, for the msot part Super Knuckles has been shown being extremely calm and not talking during most of his battles. As gaurdian of the Master Emerald, everytime Knuckles turns Super his main goal is to make sure the emerald is as far from the battlefield and possible and safe in the right hands.
  • Dark Knuckles: Dark Knuckles, also known as Dark Super Knuckles is Knuckle's darker and angrier form. The combination of Chaos Emeralds and Knuckle's intense anger allowed him to achieve this transformation. As Dark Knuckles, Knuckles doesn't speak, has no pupils, his fur and muzzle are black.
  • Kaiju Form: When Sonic and Kuckles clashed and the slash became so powerful that it destroys the dimension and the Sonic Gang fell into the Kaijuverse. Every hero takes on a Kaiju form, Knuckles takes on a Kaiju form similar to Koji, Knuckles had dorsal spines like Koji, a tail like Koji, and shoulder crystals as well. In his Kaiju form Knuckles is a lot more agressive than his normal form and always on edge. Doing tiniest of things to piss him off will easily cause him to attack anyone and anything, ally or enemy, living thing or inanimate object. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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