SpaceGodzilla had returned and was destroying the city. All the other monsters were busy fighting off other threats to mankind and earth. But something strange was happening, the last area that Destroyah was in was glowing, it was reating to the enrgy comming from SpaceGodzilla (since he has some of Godzilla's DNA). The area exsploded with blue and white light forming a circle in the ground, SG see's it and blastes it with bolts of energy from his shoulder crystals.

The area reflects the bolts destroying them, SG gives a roar of rage as the area exsplode forming the shap of a monster. A tail shoots out, wings exsplode from the kaiju back followed by 2 more smaller wings, and finally a horn burstes out of the Kaiju's head. The light fades of the monster revealing it to be: Destroyah. D and SG have a stare down, SG roars at D then shoots more shoulder crystal energy bolts, D follows it up with a Laizer Horn.

They collide forming a giant green ball in the sky, it explodes knocking SG and D back into buildings causing them to topple over on the 2 kaiju. The smoke fades out, the area goes silent. ALL OF SUDDEN THE 2 KAIJU EXSPLODE OUT OF THE PILE OF BUILDINGS GROARING THERE BATTLE CRYS AT EACH OTHER. SG shoots crystals from the ground trying to block D, D continues to blast the crystals destroying them but SG kept adding more and more crystals.

D does one final laizer horn causing the crystal he hit to expsplode. SG leaves the rest of the crystals then begins to pound D with shoulder crystal energy bolts, D gets hit in the face and legs causing him to fall over but keeps getting pounded. D howls roar of pain, D and SG continue to fight back and forth but SG continues to fight.

SG would not loose this battle.....SG would fight until he died.....

Winner: SpaceGodzilla