Grozam Mebius


Glozam, an other one of the Four Heavlnly Kings who was defeated by Ultraman Mebuis, Ultraseven, and the Zap Crew.

Height: 6 - 170 feet, 2 - 52 meters.

Weight: 200 kilograms - 20,000 tons.


Size Adjustment: Glozam can change his size from 2 - 52 meters at will. however, in his smaller form, his body resembles that of a human, and he even wears a sky blue coat, but his face remains the same.

Ice Breath: Glozam can exhale a powerful stream of freezing mist from his maw. This can easily freeze an entire lake, and a waterfall, in seconds, even in his human-sized form. The frozen objects create very cold temperture changes in the surrounding areas.

Dimensional Travel: Glozam can travel through different dimensions at will. He does this within a giant mist that appears out of thin air. He manifests within the mist.

Arm Blades: Glozam has two blades on each of his wrists. Highly effective for slashing and stabbing. His right wrist blade can also extend and become the perfect piercing weapon; it even pierced right through Ultraman Mebius. Also, when the blades are stabbed into the victim, and then removed, the victim will be completely frozen in ice. Removing the blade will release the victim.

Regeneration: Glozam has the uncanny ability to regenerate absolutely any wound inflicted on him, ranging from a having hole in his gut, to being blow up into thousands of bits and pieces. He can also regenerate his blades if they are broken off. However, he can only regenerate himself if his head remains intact.

Freezing Pulse: Glozam can send a wave of cold energy throughout his body. This move can also be used to extinguish flames if they're on his body.

Television Access: Glozam is able to send television broadcasts throughout large ranges from where ever location he is. How he does this is unknown. It's possible he has some telepathic abilities.