The Fire Lion's intended design (credit to the makers of Godzilla Unleashed)

The Fire Lion is a legendary beast which was awoken by the prayers of Myou Sato.

Subtitle: Ancient Fire Monster (古代の火怪獣 Kodai no hi kaijū)


Battle Against KojiEdit

The Fire Lion is awakened once the cerial killer Myou Sato is tracked down and shot. Myou then falls into an ice covered crater, the mad man looks up to see the statue of the Fire Lion. Myou remembers he had purchased a book on it, he then takes out the book and says the ancient prayers awakening the Fire Lion. The Fire Lion unleashes fire onto Myou burning him to a skeleton before he beings to rampage in Tokyo, meanwhile Koji awakens and breaks from his captivity. Eventually the two cross paths and have a titanic battle but eventually Koji is defeated. The Fire Lion escapes the city and begins rampaging across the countryside. A bloody and beaten Koji escapes out to sea to nurse his wounds. The SDF attack the Fire Lion and nothing affects it, except freezing weapons which harmed the beast severely. But before they could finish the terrible Kaiju off it fired blast of fire, melting the weapons. When all hope seems lost Koji arrives and combats the Fire Lion. They battle until more freezer weapons arrive, Koji holds the Fire Lion in place while they fire. They fire until the Fire Lion is frozen; Koji throws him to the ground where he shatters. Koji roars out in victory before he retreats back out to sea.


The Fire Lion has an ancient force inside hsi body which supllies him with an endless amount of fire. The Fire Lion can use the fire in many ways to attack foes such as unleashing from all over his body (similiar to a Nuclear Pulse), breathing it from his mouth, and shooting it from his eyes. One of the Fire Lion's primary ways of attacking was covering his body completely in fire, charging the opponent, and ramming them, this attack is known as "Fire Dash" This attack is said to be able to completely destroy mountains but once it was done to Koji for the first time, only managing burn Koji's whole side and leave a dent in his arm. The Fire Lion used the Fire Dash on Koji several times throughout their battle, everytime managing to burn Koji and remove some of his flesh. Another of Fire Lion's msot common attacks are when he unleashes fire from his eyes in a stream, known as "Blazing Shot" this attack was capble of burning Koji's whole frontside of his body and their seconds battle capable of removing almost all of his flesh. Fire Lion can cover his paws in fire andsue them to slash and smack foes. Fire Lion can lift about 65,000 tons.