Triple-D SSJ3
Eddd (or Triple-D) is the fusion of Ed and Edd through the use of the Fusion Dance. He appears in the non-canon movie "Dark Buu vs. The Eds", where he is able to destroy the Majin effortlessly using his Super Saiyan 3 form.

He has a green metamoran vest with black metamoran pants. His hair is like Double-D's, only shorter. He also has Ed's eyes and unibrow.


  • A Super Saiyan 3 doesn't have eyebrows but in this they are kept for animation.
  • All fusions of the fusion dance have the vests.
  • The appearence of Eddd changes to reseamble the Eds that created him with the Super Saiyan level.
  • Edddy's appearence does not.
  • All three of the Eds can fuse together, but two will fuse first then the fusion will fuse with the other.