Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z,Xavier, Shade, Sonic, Shadow, n Knuckles 4, Ultimate Battle!!! Also known as EEnE Z, XSSSnK 4, Ultimate Battle!! Is a upcomming series by User:Goji64 (me).

Its not the average crossover...


Episode 1

All of the greatest warriors are gathered by the ruler Shao Khan into toon city. After all the toons arrive Gumball, Darwin, and there family & freinds encounter 2 masked ninja's and ask them about the city. The 2 ninja's explain alot adn they reveal that they are Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Noob-Saibot appears and says that Shao Khan needs the two.

They go and Gumball, Darwin, and there family & freinds come with. But while on the way Darqwin is distracted by a shiney object and he plunges into the bushes to get it. It was the red chaos emerald, Darwin tucks it into his pocket then hurrys to catch up with his family & freinds, unaware a being had just awoken and saw Darwin take the emerald. It dashed after the group.

The group whent threw a portal to get to Shao Khan faster, 10 seconds before it closed the being when threw. The group arrive on the other side to find Shao Khan standing by a giant peice of ice with someone in it. Shao Khan reveals the ice will break in 4 months, because of the slow rate its melting at.

The thing in it has a huge power level so Shao Khan says everyone must train for it just in case.

rest to come...

Power Levels

Gohan - 3,100,000

Piccolo (Weighted) - 320,000,000

Unweighted - 650,000,000

Tien - 2,500,000

Yamcha - 1,250,000

Krillin - 1,950,000

Goku - 12,000,000

Super Saiyan - 600,000,000

Vegeta - 14,500,000

Super Saiyan - 725,000,000

Future Trunks - 10,500,000

Super Saiyan - 525,000,000

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