Mother of the Dodo
Species Radiated Dodo Bird

Originally: 3'5" Feet

After Painite: 105 meters


Originally: 38 lbs.

After Painite: 54,000 tons

Enemies Mecha-Cobra, Queen Quirus, Mecha Tyranno-Zilla, Tyrannic Zillas
Allies SUE, Dodo Birds

Dodozilla is the first Dodo Bird to be cloned, and mutated. She is also the biggest of all Dodos. She is SUE's most loyal Dodo Bird, and the leader of all other Dodos, and also the mother of all other Dodos. She is the only actually mutated Dodo. She was cloned by Keen, by typing in Dodo's genetic codes, and sending those genetic codes to the DNA of a Chicken embryo.


She was an ordinary Dodo cloned by Keen, but when Keen received some Painite, he was studying it, she broke out of her cage by putting in the code, and got close to the Painite, she became tempted with power, and she began to grow. She got out of Keen's lab before she was able to outgrow it, and later went underground, and laid eggs she had before she died. Because she was radioactive, the eggs were too and hatched much faster than normal. After all Dodos hatched, they went off to destroy cities, and encountered a mutated Sue. Keen was shocked when he noticed she was out of her cage. Keen easily found her tracks, but decided not to go follow her, because it would have been dangerous. Keen immediately sealed the Painite away. But he would have been even more shocked when he heard about a dinosaur rampaging through Chicago, and even more shocked when he heard there was an army of Dodos that met with the dinosaur.

Origin of Dodo ClonationEdit

Keen and Nick were talking about extinct animals, and they touched the "Dodo" term. Keen said it would have been nice to study one of those, and Nick mentioned that maybe if cloning was possible, he could. Keen had a great idea, maybe if he could clonate a Dodo, all excitement for Dodos would reach it's peak. He mentioned that all animals have DNA and Genetic Codes. He thought of it, and knew what to do. He asked Nick to pay close attention:

Keen started singing about studying remains of Dodos, and figuring out clues that could lead him to create a genetic code of a Dodo. Nick said that would be impossible, but Keen said "Let's just see!" and found clues. He took DNA from himself (He took a sample of his blood, but it did not hurt him) and started changing it. He then "cracked the code" and had the first perfect Dodo DNA sample. He injected it onto a Chicken embryo and incubated the egg. Voila! Keen got it right, she was born!