The psycho ninja assassin that is traking down Xavier. He has one mission and that is to make shure he kills Xavier. Bana has been shown to be very ruthless, violent, and sometimes demented. He is strong enough to fight Xavier in hand-to-hand combat while in his dark form. When given the oprotunity for power Bana has been shown to have lusts for power.



As a child Bana's father Kaimbe trained Bana by sending him on assination missions, saying they where games. Soon at the age of 13 while training in ninja school he realized that they wheren't games. Bana was infuriated by this, and one night while everyone at the school was asleep. Bana escaped slaughtering all the gaurds that got in his way. Bana then escapes into the courtyard and tears the fence open with his bare hands. What Kaimbe didn't realize was that he had created a monster. Bana then joins the ranks of .R.W.O.A.S. he eventually becomes one of the leaders of the organization. Later on assinged to kill the last Shibujin: Xavier. Bana will do all in his power to make shure the boy dies.


  • Bana is strong enough to survive hand to hand combat with Xavier when he's in his Dark form.
  • Bana's facial features look rather similar to that of the professional wrestler The Rock.
  • Bana is an old English word meaning "devil; killer; murderer; slayer."
  • Never fully explained in his backstory Bana was also tested on and injected with needles to where he has super human strength, agility, super sonic speed, a healing factor, and enhanced senses.